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Mike Dinn
Paul Dinn

June 19, 2017
Hello All! We hope you have had a great spring! Thank you for all the soccer trophy orders and baseball trophy orders! Glad to see the winning and participating teams showing great teamwork and great sportsmanship out there. Dance recital trophy orders remind us of all the dedicated dance students (and their parents) who work so hard at their craft.
We are already gearing up for summer camp season! Between Bible camp trophy orders, soccer camp trophy orders, basketball camp trophy orders, and lots of other camp trophy orders, we plan on being busy!
We wish you a happy and healthy summer! The Dinn Trophy Team

July 20, 2015
Hard to believe, but we are already seeing some fantasy football trophy orders! Have you even begun to think about your picks? Too early?
The Dinn Trophy Team

April 28, 2015
April is almost over! That means lots of dance trophy orders here at Dinn Trophy! We have ballet trophies, jazz trophies, music trophies, even pink trophies! Have a great dance recital season!
The Dinn Trophy Team

March 30, 2015
Dinn Trophy is fortunate to have in-house designers who are always coming up with new trophy styles! And we are all excited that Spring soccer season has arrived! While we shouldn't play favorites, we are partial to our newest soccer jersey trophy! We wish you and all of your soccer players a winning and fun soccer season!
The Dinn Trophy Team

March 5, 2015
March Madness has struck Dinn Bros., Inc. "The Trophy People!" Maybe it was the brutal cold of February, the prospect of Spring, or the fact that St. Patrick's Day brings a wonderful parade to our beloved city of Holyoke, MA, but we are extra excited this year to present all of our new basketball trophy designs. And have you seen our basketball trophies for all of those self-proclaimed "bracketologists" out there? We wish you a happy and productive (and warmer) March!
The Dinn Trophy Team

February 20, 2015
We're thinking we should be called the Busy Trophy People! Winter weather has not slowed Dinn Trophy down one bit, we are happy to report. Our trophy designers have been hard at work creating new basketball trophy styles for all the upcoming March Madness! Have you thought about your bracket picks? How will you be rewarding the winners? Good luck with your picks!
The Dinn Trophy Team

January 10, 2015
Have you come down with hockey fever? A case of basketballitis? Can't shake those fantasy football blues? Don't worry, everyone at Dinn Trophy understands. We are excited to present our new hockey trophies, basketball trophies, and fantasy football awards to all of you! And our award-winning Dinn Trophy Team is ready to make your ordering experience faster and easier than ever! We can't wait to hear from you - you're our kind of people!
The Dinn Trophy Team

December 31, 2014
Everyone at Dinn Trophy wishes you a happy new year! Our trophy designers hope you enjoy our new designs that will be available soon. We look forward to starting 2015 with you!
The Dinn Trophy Team

December 14, 2014
Everyone at Dinn Trophy hopes you have had a great 2014! Our trophy designers have been hard at work creating new and exciting trophy, medal, and plaque styles for our upcoming 2015 trophy catalog. We look forward to sharing them with you soon!
The Dinn Trophy Team

June 15, 2014
Welcome to our new website! We are excited to better serve our award-winning customers with a website that is faster, easier to use, and more customer-friendly!
Much thought and planning has gone into the design of the new DinnTrophy.com. Please let us know what you think!
Thanks for joining us in this new phase - we wouldn't be here without your support!
Mike Dinn

September 19, 2013
It’s Thursday and I’m already planning my Saturday football-viewing activities. That can only mean that the Megaphone Trophy is about to make an appearance! The Michigan State Spartans/Notre Dame Fighting Irish rivalry goes back to 1897, but The Megaphone Trophy was introduced in 1949. Half of the megaphone is painted blue with an ND monogram and the other side is white with a green MSU. The current trophy is the third one in use since it has run out of room for scores twice before.
We love football trophy stories here at Dinn Trophy. Someone should give me a trophy for watching football! I’ll let you know how that works out for me…
Have Fun!
Paul Dinn

September 19, 2013
When is a milk can not a milk can? When it is the Milk Can Trophy up for grabs in the football rivalry between Boise State Broncos and Fresno State Bulldogs! According to Wikipedia: “The idea for a trophy as the prize for the newly arranged interstate rivalry was hatched by two separate dairy groups that decided to get involved with their local football programs. California (No. 1) and Idaho (No. 4) are two of the nation's leading dairy producers. The South Valley Dairy Group began raising money for Bulldog football in 2001; the Bronco Dairy Boosters began contributing to Boise State in 2005. Two dairymen and friends in these organizations, Dan Van Grouw of Meridian, Idaho (in the Boise metropolitan area) and Roger Fluegel of Visalia, California (in Fresno State's home of the San Joaquin Valley), put forward the idea of a traveling trophy and began the administrative process. There was positive feedback from the teams, coaches, and fans, but an "administrative changeover" kept the trophy off the field for the 2005 game, though the Bulldogs' 27–7 victory is the first listed on the can.”
Be sure to catch the game this Friday 9/20/103) on ESPN!
While you may never see your name engraved on the Milk Can Trophy, we would be happy to personalize one of our own Dinn Trophy football trophies just for you and your team!
More unique trophy stories to come – stay tuned!
Have Fun!
Paul Dinn

September 5, 2013
Welcome to Football Season! Yes, sweet football season…the dedication, the sportsmanship, the rivalries, the tailgating, the food, and the football trophies! Which team will take home the football trophy? Whether you’re talking about youth football, high school football, college football, or the NFL, the goal is to be holding that football trophy above your head. Everyone at Dinn Trophy has been busy preparing not only football trophies but football plaques, football medals, fantasy football awards, coach plaques, and more! We even see orders this time of year for cooking competitions associated with tailgating and friendly football viewing get-togethers. Know someone who makes the best hot wings? We have a chicken trophy! Best BBQ pork ribs? Put a pig on that trophy! Wishing you a winning and well-fed fall football season!
Have A Great Day!
Mike Dinn

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